Through the creative exploration of life, love and transformation,

        The ever hopeful and always curious, 


From scattered efforts to focused intention,

From hiding one's self to honest, helpful disclosure,

From isolation to community, 

From fear and religion to vibrant faith. 



Creative exploration helps to open your heart to meaningful discoveries about yourself and the world around you. By marrying the creative mind with guided conversations, it is possible to gain a broader view from those with similar experiences, yet different perspectives. Plus, we connect and have FUN!  

It is my great joy to provide the encouragement, resources, environment and skills so that you can make your own discoveries about life, love and transformation.

For the full artist experience, request the ArtistCompleteCare Package. This package includes the Creative Conversation experience plus artist fine finishes. 

A Creative Conversation includes: 

-artist's preparation before your arrival of both materials and topic 

-cozy and vibrant studio space plus light snacks

-artist's encouragement and leadership within conversation

-unique creative experience tailored to you and your topic

-teaching and advising of artistic skill throughout our time for the beginner and artist alike

-peer affirmation, community  and support

-fine art cradled canvas

-use of selected papers, digital images, quotes, words, letters and numbers tailored to you and your topic

-use of artist quality acrylic paint and fine brushes

-use of artist's apron

-use of scissors, adhesives and other incidentals as needed 

-movement toward life, love and transformation as well as a fantastic visual reminder made by you and for you!

A Creative Conversation with ArtistCompleteCare Package includes all of the above plus:

-necessary touch ups and completion (no worries...satisfaction guaranteed)

-artist's flair for details, depth and whimsy

-additional fine art gesso and protective finishes

-delivery within 10 days

-a treasured work of art created from your heart and finished with flair! 

Come and join the Conversation! 



I would love to create a unique, personally significant painting just for you or someone you love. It is sure to become a treasured reminder of love shared and hope unfolding. Contact me and Let's dream together.

My work is born out of my own creative exploration and is characterized by color, texture, a love of words and all things whimsical. You will find current pieces within the Connect and Shop Page.

Ever Hopeful and Always Curious,